NoGa Lunch

August 24, 2000

Sam, AE4GX and Bob, WA1EDJ, started these gatherings. I think the photographer woke him up in this picture.

Russ, AE4NY, displays his NoGaWaTT in a wooden English tea box.

Mike, W3IRZ, had so much stuff at lunch I couldn't keep up with it.  Next time I will take notes.

I think this is the regen receiver that was in the recent QST.  Note the coil form on a 35mm film can.

I believe this to be the back of the super regen RX that Mike, W3IRZ, showed at FDIM.

Ask Mike what all this stuff is.

This is Mike's, W3IRZ, 2 tube 80/40 transmitter. Complete with wall wart power supply.   He is rectifying the house current to get the high voltage... shades of the old 5 tube "All American" AC/DC radio..!

Ask Mike.

Front of the W3IRZ regen RX.

Sam, AE4GX, and his 1 tube, 1 watt transmitter.  He checked into the Monday night net with this and it sounded great.

Some of the stuff on the floor at Wendy's (they just love us).  If you can identify the knee there could be a famous NoGaWard coming your way.  Lunch attendees don't apply.

The world's oldest diode still in use.  W3IRZ drew the arrow on the component to keep track of which end was which.  Mike said it was pre W.W.II.. so that was before the transistor was invented.